Baruch College

Campus Information

  • Baruch College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music, as well as a specialization in the management of musical enterprises
  • The Baruch College Department of Fine and Performing Arts is housed on the 7th floor of the Newman Vertical Campus at One Bernard Baruch Way (5 Lexington Ave)
  • Department Chair: Anne Swartz (
  • Department of Fine Arts Office Admin: N/A
  • Other GC Fellows at Baruch: Bahar Royee; Charlie Weaver; Stephen Spencer

Courses commonly taught by graduate instructors

Course title Course description Required textbook Class size Course contact
Music in Civilization (MSC 1003) An introductory survey of music in cultural and social history. The course proceeds chronologically through historical style periods to consider the development of Western classical music in relation to the cultural background with some inclusion of non-Western traditions. Credit will be granted for MSC 1003 or MSC 1005, not both. Listening to Western Music (Craig Wright) 25–50 Abby Anderton (
Principles of Music (MSC 1005) An introductory music course in which musical elements, structures, and styles are studied. Development of analytical abilities will be emphasized through consideration of major musical works by diverse composers. A wide variety of types and forms of music literature will be explored, including symphony, concerto, song, and opera. Credit will be granted for MSC 1003 or MSC 1005, not both. The Essential Listening to Music (Craig Wright, 2nd ed.) 20 Andrew Tomasello (