Brooklyn College

Campus Information

  • Brooklyn College offers the following music degrees: B.A. in Music; B.Mus. in Music Composition, Music Education, or Music Performance; M.Mus in Global & Contemporary Jazz Studies, Media Scoring, Music Composition, or Music Performance; M.A in Music Teacher or Musicology; Advanced Certificate in Music Education or Music Performance.
  • The Conservatory of Music’s office is located on the third floor of Whitehead Hall (#2 on Brooklyn College’s campus map), in room 422. In-person music courses are held in different buildings around campus, often though not always in Whitehead Hall.
  • Brooklyn College is approximately a 50 minute commute from the Graduate Center via the B or Q trains.
  • Department chairperson: Jeffrey Taylor (
  • Assistant director: Douglas Cohen (
  • Graduate deputy director: Alexandra Lewis (
  • Blackboard support person: Carlos Cruz (
  • GC Fellows past & present: M. Agustina Checa; Carlos Cuestas; Natalie Oshukany; Lynne Stillings; Carolyn Stallard; Farah Zahra; David Marker; Brian Dolphin; Michelle Yom; Lindsey Eckenroth.

Courses commonly taught by graduate instructors

Course titleCourse descriptionRequired textbookClass sizeCourse contact
MUSC1300: Music: Its Language, History, & CultureIntroduction to music through the study of works representing different times, places, and peoples. The grammar, syntax, and communicative purposes of music; the musical dialects of different cultures and how these have changed over time. Recorded, concert, and classroom performances. Satisfies Pathways Flexible Core Creative Expression requirement. (Not open to students who have completed Core Studies 2.2, Music 11.1, or Core Curriculum 1130).No requirement. Many instructors offer this as ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost).30-35 
MUSC3101: Music in Global AmericaThe transnational roots of America’s vernacular music traditions. The diaspora of folk and popular styles from Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia, and the transformation and hybridization of those music styles in diverse U.S. ethnic and cultural communities. Loops of ongoing transnational interaction between contemporary styles and urban musics around the world. Satisfies Pathways Flexible Core U.S. Experience in Its Diversity requirement and qualifies as an International Cultural Competency (ICC) course for Pathways College Option purposes.
Prerequisite: English 1010 or permission of the department.
No requirement. Many instructors offer this as ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost).30-35