Lehman College

Campus Information

  • Lehman College grants a Bachelor of Science in Music, along with a music minor. Many introductory music courses are offered to non-majors to fulfill elective or general education requirements.
  • In-person music courses are held in the Music Building at Lehman College’s Bronx campus. The Music Building is located in the north-east section of campus; prior to COVID, there was no ID requirement to enter the building. Directly to the south of the Music Building are the library and concert hall; Lehman College does not have a stand-alone music library.
  • The commute to Lehman College from the Graduate Center is approximately 50 minutes via the 4 or D trains, which are in walking distance of campus.
  • Department chair: Diana Battipaglia (diana.battipaglia@lehman.cuny.edu)
  • Music office admin: Darina Qafleshi (Darina.Qafleshi@lehman.cuny.edu)
  • Other GC fellows at Lehman College: Robert Wrigley (rwrigley@gradcenter.cuny.edu)

Courses commonly taught by graduate instructors

Course title Course description Required textbook Class size Course contact
MSH 114
Introduction to Music
“History of Western music through the study of various complete works. Focus on the skills and perspectives needed for informed listening.” Lehman College gives much discretion in how to teach this course, though they request a strict focus on Western art music. Instructor’s choice Wide variation with each semester, from 15 to 50 N/A