This site’s contributors consist of current or past doctoral students in the music program at the Graduate Center, CUNY, as well as other CUNY faculty. Their contributions reflect their experiences teaching as instructors of record in a range of music classes at campuses across the City University of New York system.

Poe M. Allphin, Musicology

Evangeline Athanasiou, Musicology

Annie Beliveau, Music Theory

M. Agustina Checa, Ethnomusicology

Nafset Chenib, Musicology

Carlos Cuestas, Ethnomusicology

Michèle Duguay, Music Theory

Miranda Fedock, Ethnomusicology

Stephen Gomez, Music Theory

Leslie K. Haynes, Ethnomusicology

Erin Johnston, Music Theory

Kelsey Milian Lopez, Ethnomusicology

Ari Marcus, Ethnomusicology

Diana Maron, Musicology

Scott A. Miller, Composition

Scott Miller, Music Composition

Ana Beatriz Mujica, Musicology

Natalie Oshukany, Ethnomusicology

Nathan Pell, Music Theory

Jane Palmquist, Music Education (Associate Professor

Madison Schindele, Musicology

Portia Seddon, Ethnomusicology

Lynne Stillings, Ethnomusicology

Lina Tabak, Music Theory

Samuel Teeple, Musicology

Nicholas Tran, Music Composition

Robert B. Wrigley, Musicology