City College of New York

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  • City College offers Bachelor’s degrees in popular music, sonic arts (focus on recording and music technology), and jazz; a music minor; and a Master’s degree in jazz.
  • In-person music courses are held at City College’s Shepard Hall (160 Convent Ave, NY NY 10031), which is also home to the music library and recital hall. The departmental office is located in the basement at SH 72. One needs to show CUNY ID to enter most campus buildings, including Shepard Hall. GC Fellows can obtain a CCNY ID at the North Academic Center (NAC Building). Accompanied guests can enter upon showing ID.
    • Shepard Hall has a few entrances, but not all of them are open consistently. Most reliable entrance is at intersection of 139th St. & Convent Ave: from that intersection, walk southeast along the paved walkway towards the building, enter through double-doors (go up the stairs at the entrance). To reach music library from here: walk straight into main hallway, open library door on right. To reach music office from here: walk straight into main hallway, turn left and walk to end of hallway, take stairs down one flight, turn left, walk through double doors, office is immediately to your left after double doors.
  • CCNY is approximately a 30 minute commute from the Graduate Center via the D train.
  • Department chair: Shaugn O’Donnell (
  • Music office admin: Maria Alexandre (
  • For technology help: Winy Taveras (
  • GC Fellows past & present: Miranda Fedock (; Matthew Schreiber; Erin Johnston.

Courses commonly taught by graduate instructors

Course title Course description Required textbook Class size Course contact
MUS10200: Introduction to World Music An exploration of music from around the world and its relation to historical, social, and cultural forces. Investigates music related to religion, ritual, politics, work, and social function in terms of musical form, style, and literary content. Does not serve as a prerequisite for history courses in the music major.

[Eligible to be a SEEK class: typically in fall semester, class may be chosen to be offered to SEEK students. If so, instructor receives small additional stipend to complete mid-semester evaluations and offer students some extra support.]
Titon, Jeff Todd. Worlds of music: an introduction to the music of the world’s peoples. Cengage Learning, 2016. Possible to convert to Open Educational Resource/Zero Textbook Cost class. 25

 Miranda Fedock ( Instructor


Shaugn O’Donnell ( Administration


Sherri Rings ( SEEK contact