You’ve arrived at the GC Music Teaching Hub, organized by current and former graduate teaching fellows of the CUNY Graduate Center Music Department.

This is an online space that allows instructors to find and share teaching materials developed for music classrooms at CUNY. In addition to uploaded documents, you can also find a community-generated list of online music teaching resources and a collection of fact sheets for the CUNY campuses at which most graduate instructors teach.

We are actively soliciting links to online music teaching resources and personal teaching material, including but not limited to syllabuses, assignments, lesson plans, class activities, exercises, and worksheets. Once approved, all teaching material submitted will be featured on the site and made available through a Creative Commons license. For more information, visit our Submissions page; click the button below to submit via Google Form.

What are you looking for? In addition to using the categories listed in the top toolbar, you can locate materials by using the search bar or choosing an option from the tag cloud below. We recommend searching with quotation marks around multiple-word phrases; e.g., “Music in Global America” or “Introduction to Music”.

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